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By nature, humans do not want to kill other humans. It is against our way of life and our biology to actively kill another human being. If this is true, then why did the Jewish Holocaust have to happen? If every cell in our body tells us not to kill, why does genocide even happen? The only answer is to make then not human. It is much easier to view people as wide animals if you want an excuse to do something against nature. We take away all of the qualities that humans grow attached, everything that could cloud the emotions against killing. They took a group of ordinary people that shared the same DNA as before, manipulate their lives, and finally destroy whenever rights and freedoms they had. “When the Nazis described Jews as Untermenschen, or subhumans, they didn 't mean it metaphorically, says Smith. "They didn 't mean they were like subhumans. They meant they were literally subhuman” (David Livingstone Smith).This is done in make different steps, the first is to get the masses to agree with your ideas. When you get followers, you then take away anything that makes the enemy unique. The same step is to mentally prepare for the actions that will be taken against the enemy.
Adolf Hitler had a stigma of why Germany was doing so poor after the end of World War II, his stigma was to link all of the troubles back to the Jewish people. The main issue was the economy in Germany after the war, in Hitler 's eyes they had all of the money so the must be the reason everyone else has none. He was an appealing person and was liked by most, it wasn’t hard for people to get behind him on this issue. “Adolf Hitler assumed distinctive positions in relation to both the ingroup and the outgroup (Potter and Lloyed, 2005). Research on persuasion has...

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...g the Holocaust). Many women were subject to terrible forms of abuse and experimentation. The way a scientist would experiment with mice is the same way that the Nazi’s would toy with the Jewish people. Their lives were seen as insignificant and meaningless, having no real reason to live other than to be tortured for satisfaction and killed.
The fact that we can go against our natural and convince ourselves that someone cannot be human, and because of this we can freely kill them. Genocides have happened throughout the centuries but the Holocaust is one of the most important events that should be remembered. There is no compensation that can make replace the damage that has been done. Human psychology is a complex subject murder is murder, but depending on the circumstances it can change. The dehumanization of the Jewish people is what enabled to Holocaust to happen.

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