1984 And The Hunger Games Essay

1984 And The Hunger Games Essay

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From a structural perspective, movies and novels appear as polar opposites. A film uses actors, scripts, and a set in order to create a visual that can grab and keep the attention of their viewers. However, an author strives to incorporate deeper meaning into their books. Despite these differences in media, 1984 and The Hunger Games present unique, yet similar ideas.
Complete governmental control develops as an apparent theme of both 1984 and The Hunger Games. 1984 uses the concept of big brother for the sole purpose of instilling a dependence on the government for every aspect in the citizens’ lives. Similarly, the capitol of Panem in The Hunger Games censors information from the people so that any idea of revolution will be instantaneously squandered. For example, big brother assigned certain workers to delete and censor the past. All paper documents and recordings become distorted or completely destroyed in order to ensure no citizens try and inspire a revolution. The brotherhood recognizes these transgressions and fights for a change. This relationship serves as a parallel to the United States. The people of our country represent the brotherhood as a whole and we hold power over the government. Similarly, the inner circle in The Hunger Games could screen and take away whatever they wanted. In one instance the monitors showed a live speech of the previous winner of the hunger games, Katniss. When she held up a sign of rebellion, they immediately cut the live feed and cleared everyone from the stage.
In addition, both governments use varying methods in order to enforce their supremacy. Big Brother relies on the thought police for an ever-present sense of fear in the minds of the people. It starts at such a basic level: just th...

... middle of paper ...

...rives to maintain their foothold. The government needs people that are willing to follow the leaders, without question. The United States has all of the subdivisions and branches of government in order to keep chaos from ensuing. In addition, any society needs educated people who work for less money than the richest of the rich in order to keep forward progress. Lastly, a lower class scratches by at the bottom of the food chain. They make ends meet, however do not live comfortably by any means. Overall, a connection can be drawn between every type of society: past, present, and future.
In conclusion, the framework for an given established group of people remains constant throughout time. A superior individual or group of people make the decisions, another enforces their decisions, and divisions of wealth coexist in order to perform the necessary tasks for survival.

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