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In light of the heated discussion on the validity of the Satanic Verses or the “Story of the Cranes” as originally termed by Muslim scholars with the continuity of Muhammad’s proclamations to the early Islamic community, there exists an underlying circumstance of how what is considered to be the Islamic Orthodoxy has undergone a notable change. As emphasized by Shahab Ahmed, there exists an Islamic Orthodoxy which serves as a rigid concept in the Islamic world where beliefs and methods are invested by proponents with exclusive authority/validity, while “variant” beliefs of methods or inquiry are regarded as invalid and illegitimate (p. 68). As a result of this embrace of orthodoxy, large modern populations of the Islamic community have shown deviant or “variant” interpretations considerable antipathy to outright disdain when presented with interpretations of Muhammad’s prophetic messages that are not seen as compatible with the historicity of the Qur’an or call the Qur’an’s status as an uncreated Word of God into doubt. Many contemporary Muslims have gone so far as to claim that the incident did in fact not happen despite being supported by early texts and Muslims scholars during a period where Islamic influence had attained a great degree of dominance. These circumstances of textual denial and phobic criticism are integrated in the prime reasons why many contemporary Muslims hold to the new popularly upheld Orthodox view that is devoid of events found in the Satanic Verses in response to the challenges found in the modern world. The overlapping reasons of Quranic sanctity, interference with the reliability of instated rules of law, and the desire to consolidate Islamic identity and legitimacy in modern settings are circumstanc...

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...dentity by adhering to an orthodox that features the removal of the less than flattering depictions of Islamic tradition.
Given these points, it is apparent that the Islamic world has undergone a new paradigm of orthodoxy that has created a sense of conformity to pander to authoritative desires for a traditional and uncontested system of beliefs. As Andrew Rippin mentioned, the embrace of the Satanic verses and analysis surrounding its connection to Muhammad’s humanistic traits is incompatible with contemporary desires by compromising the monotheistic and tautological identity of what can be defined as ‘traditional” Islam (p. 211). As such, contemporary Muslim authorities consequently stamp out elements that could possible threaten that identity, but mold what can be defined as “mainstream” Islam under specific characteristic despite its historical complexity.

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