The And Social Change Model Of Leadership Essay

The And Social Change Model Of Leadership Essay

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Individual Leadership Commitment
As individuals, we all strive to grow and become better in all that we do. There are some however, that look to enact positive change on the world and not just themselves. These individuals seek to change for the betterment of others, the community and their society (Higher Education Research Institute [HERI], 1996). The people who work tirelessly to make the world a better place are perceived as leaders. As one who looks into becoming a better leader and establishing their own individual leadership commitment, that vision must be involved in the process. Along with other elements like the StrengthsFinder assessment, Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle, and the Social Change Model of Leadership, the goal of achieving positive change is possible.
Although every leader has their own leadership style or technique, it is important to understand that all great leaders have their end goal of change and making an impact in the community around them. In order to do so, a leader must be able to understand the purpose of their group, organization, or cause. In the Golden Circle, Mr. Simon Sinek explains that great leaders inspire action by running their organizations through living out and advertising the purpose of the group (Sinek, 2009). When developing my own leadership style, his message has truly resonated with how I want to lead my organization. One of the most impactful parts of Sinek’s presentation was, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it” (Sinek, 2009). This is so important when it comes to making a positive change in my community. In order to truly establish change, I need to balance the values of group, community and individual values. It is vital to start with the way before you fin...

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...s, mental growth, and lives as I, and so many others, has had. Through these passions, I have developed my own personal mission statement as a justification to why I want to lead this chapter. The mission statement that I work for is, Committed to Lives of Excellence through advocacy, citizenship and advancement.
This personal mission statement challenges me to work and put in the effort as chapter president. I will need to utilize the help of my fellow fraternity brothers, other organizations, advisers and friends in order to achieve this goal of mine. I am fortunate enough to have my executive council support me in this vision of mine. I know that doing everything in my power, I will grow personally and professionally in the way I conduct business, time manage, and execute. I am excited to work towards these goals of mine and won’t stop until I have achieved them.

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