Essay about The And Psychosocial Theories Of Human Development

Essay about The And Psychosocial Theories Of Human Development

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What is the definition of human development? Human development is the process of enlarging people’s freedom and opportunities, to improve their well-being. Children are like aliens to our world, knowing nothing about our world or what it has to offer. In this essay I discuss how children develop using and comparing 4 types of developments: cognitive development, social development, psychological and psychosexual development. Along with those developments there are theories like psychoanalytical and psychosocial theories. I will be comparing two different age groups to show the developments and compare how different those developments and theories are between the ages 0-7.
Cognitive development is defined as a field of study in neuroscience and psychology focusing on a child 's development. The man who discovered these stages was named Jean Piaget, born in 1896 and died in 1980. He studied cognitive development stages using children’s behavior. He concluded that every baby in the world is trying to get used to the environment. He also discovered toddlers have similar experiences. The stages of the development are: Sensory – motor, Pre – operational, Concrete operational, Formal operational. I am choosing to compare and 8 month old to a 5 year old. All 8 month olds start at the stage called sensory-motor stage, while 5 year olds are considered to be in Pre-operational Stage.
First off what is Sensory-motor stage? Sensory-motor is when a child has no understanding of the past or future. The children only care about what’s happening around them at the present. They are very egocentric at this stage and everything is a new discovery. At this stage children rely on three man senses: hearing, sight, and touch. If an object is out of ...

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... development of humans are? What am I talking about? Simple. I’m talking about love and lots of time spent with your child accompanied it with different interesting games. It is even proven by American psychiatrist Stuart Brown that the more you play with you child in his childhood the more gentle, smarter and nicer person he will be in his future. And if you won’t do these simple things with your child he might become a criminal.


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