The And Philosophy Of The 19th Century Philosophy Essay

The And Philosophy Of The 19th Century Philosophy Essay

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By the 5th century philosophy was well developed by several logicians and philosophers but as its reach spread from the eastern world to the west issues arose that had to be addressed. For most western societies Christianity had a strong hold and was not allowed to be tampered with or contradicted. Never the less, people were in search for faith and truth which philosophy could help them discover. Thus began theologians from Christian, Jewish, and Muslim religions attempting to blend and balance faith with philosophy.¹ Many theories from philosophy seemed to add logical backing to religion helping to create an even more concrete belief as proven by many, especially Augustine of Hippo; however, like any religious movements there were combatants of the joining.
While the movement of philosophy grew Christian theologians such as Tertullian opposed the joining with the belief that philosophy and Christianity actually conflicted with one another. Tertullian even seemed to have the credence that Greek philosophy was a form of heresy. He pulled this belief from several facts including that “the idea that the soul dies came from the Epicureans; the denial of the resurrection of the body is traced to all the schools of philosophers in general; the notion of the equality of matter with God springs from the teaching of Zeno” ² therefore philosophers arguments and theories were that of heretics. It was not until a more “open minded” Christian, Augustine of Hippo, began to relate faith and philosophy that people were shown how much they could truly correlate in peace.
Augustine of Hippo was a converted Christian and priest who focused on Neoplatonic and Platonic philosophy and how they could blend in with Christianity. He did this through...

... middle of paper ... day it seems there are still several questions left to be answered and arguments left to be had. Despite this, the converging of philosophy and the lucidity that it presents with religion, Christianity in particular, offers a somewhat deeper understanding of an incomprehensible Lord’s existence. While Tertullian had valid points of some forms of philosophy being heresy it’s important to maintain the distinctions between philosophical beliefs as one would in different types of religion—no two are exactly alike and not all meld well with other’s ideas. Over all, the combining of philosophy and religion was a significant development for both systems. As Augustine presented so wisely (and slightly surprisingly) reason and religion can and should go hand in hand to help a believer grow in their faith as well as understand the purpose of one’s existence on God’s earth.

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