The And Of The Pharmacy Essay

The And Of The Pharmacy Essay

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The two companies, EastPharma and WestPharma, were the first to be considered. EastPharma will receive max happiness if it is the sole recommendation and it will suffer moderate loss of sales if Condoitin is also suggested. Inversely, WestPharma will gain moderate happiness if recommended alongside Modoxolin and an absolute negative response if only Modoxolin is referred, due to complete loss of sales. Roger would gain a very high level of happiness by receiving the commission, allowing renovations to be made at the pharmacy, and have a moderately negative reaction to also providing information on Condoitin. Ming and his family would both gain significant happiness from Ming keeping his job, and the inverse reaction to termination as a result of dis-obedience. Finally, the customers of the pharmacy will be mostly indifferent about being provided only Modoxolin, although a percentage may not be able to afford treatment, causing a slight negative lean.

As the table of total gain shows, the total happiness from stakeholders within the ‘Only refer Modoxolin’ decision significantly exceeds that of ‘Provide all information’. Therefore, more happiness will be achieved from Ming choosing to only suggest Modoxolin. According to Utilitarianism, it would be ethical for Ming to only refer customers to Modoxolin, as it provides the greatest amount of happiness.

Kantian ethics

Ming’s dilemma is heavily influenced by the consequences of each decision, be it omitting key information from struggling customers or, if he chooses to provide information, losing his job and ability to provide for his struggling household. However Kantian ethics is a deontological framework, meaning it considers the morality of an action independent of these cons...

... middle of paper ...

...age 2 of Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development when I resolved my ethical dilemma. My primary focus was to minimize my risk of termination through following the rules, but I felt a trainee who’s only mistake was not asking for guidance should not lose his ability to progress within the company.

I was in Stage 2 as I felt I achieved an equal exchange that was the ‘right decision’, If I had chosen to strictly follow the rules and report the trainee for his mistake, I would be displaying Stage 1 behaviour, pure obedience to authority. If I had been in Stage 3, presenting stereotypical “good” behaviour, I’d have taken the responsibility for the mistake myself, instead of shifting the blame to the last employee in the outlet. As a result of this, I believe my ethical resolution to the problem was fitting of someone in Stage 2 of Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development.

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