The And Of The Church Of Corinth Essay

The And Of The Church Of Corinth Essay

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One of the major thinkers from late antiquity is Saint Paul, a convert and leader of the early Christian Church. He was once known as Saul of Tarsus before his religious conversion, but afterwards Paul used his background as a Jew and Roman citizen to evangelize all Roman citizens. He ministered to church communities he formed in Europe and what was then Asia Minor by writing letters to these communities he formed, one of which is called Corinth. Corinth is a Southwestern Greek city located against a gulf, which infers its participation in trade and its immersion in many cultures. Corinth was rebuilt as a Roman colony after the Greeks rebelled years before Saint Paul formed a church there, and its citizens popularly worshiped the goddess of love, Aphrodite, which explains why Saint Paul addresses the topics of love and sexuality in his first letter. Corinth was also a disobedient city in the eyes of Saint Paul, as it had many communal problems that were so culturally engrained. The first letter to the church of Corinth, was written by Saint Paul in 56 AD, and it the church itself was founded by Saint Paul in 51 AD. This letter suggests that we address sin and immorality seriously and live by honorable values “[because we] have been purchased at a price. Therefore [we should] glorify God in [our] bod[ies]” (1 Corinthians 6:20). This glorifying of God is the ruling idea of the letter, and from this idea will stem from loving others and behaving well. Therefore, Saint Paul’s inferred thesis is to glorify God in our bodies by remaining sexually moral, socially proper, and loving selflessly, and by these actions one can live well and happily. In this essay, I will summarize a letter of Saint Paul, First Corinthians, in relation to exa...

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...erson’s character is also an impactful aspect of Stoic and Pauline philosophy. These actions of character were to lead to peace through the limitation of speech, thoughts, and behaviors, and similarly, Saint Paul discusses the morality of social and sexual behavior. Arrian stated that in acting this way, people would be subject to persecution because their beliefs and way of life was contrary to the Greek and Roman culture of pleasure and indulgence (137). Saint Paul was also aware that Corinth was full of non-believers, as is our current culture, and that his ideas would be countercultural as well. He explained that morality and sexual temperance should should inspire us to vibrantly live out our moral behavior in the face of persecution, to “hold fast to the word..preached to [us]” (1 Corinthians 15:2). Thoughts of death, however, are not important to how we live.

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