The And Nationalism Of The United Kingdom Essay

The And Nationalism Of The United Kingdom Essay

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The definition of nationalism, according to Anderson, is an “imagined impersonal community, defined by common history and perceived by distinctiveness, that is believed to exercise the collective right to sovereign control over a given territory.” Over the last 200 years, the United States has grown larger and stronger with every change, and with that, the understanding of nationhood and nationalism in the US has changed within the constraints of this definition. In the beginning, nationhood was very different. It was elite driven. The united states was built on immigrants brought together with the idea of building a free nation. This could be described by the elite theory, which states that elites are aspiring to nationalism and lead the movements. The process is exclusively driven by the elites who direct society and influence the masses with nationalism as the intended outcome. The elites in this situation were the founding fathers who were motivated to form their own country after feeling the need to be independent from the United Kingdom rule. This type of nationalism that the founding fathers successfully built took the form of Hechter’s state-building nationalism. State-building nationalism is defined as a process in which a state exists without nationalist principles and decides to incorporate everyone within its borders. While it was culturally inclusive of the colonial immigrants, it also exterminated a lot of the indigenous people of North America in order to make room for their new state. Unfortunately, this is a reality of American history and often times happens in state-building. A key factor of the United States is the common identity despite the fact that everyone comes from different ethnic backgrounds. Renan sta...

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... United States was built on immigrants and the belief that everyone can have the opportunity to succeed. It was built on the idea that the country is sovereign, individuals have inalienable rights, and that it is free. While there are elements within politics and society that may lead some people to question our freedom, the root of the American identity is unchanging. The reason citizens fight for what they believe in is because they care and they believe their voices will be heard. Change coming from the people is not possible in every nation. And that belief is a key element of the national identity. This unwavering identity could be explained through a primordialist view. While our country is not ancient, it is durable. The founders of the United States built the country the a nationalistic view of being the land of the free and it grew to be a world superpower.

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