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In the novel To the Lighthouse, two main characters named Mr. and Mrs. Ramsay have an intriguing relationship with one another. Throughout the novel, Mr. and Mrs. Ramsay take alternative viewpoints on life, disagreeing frequently. For example, in the first chapter of the novel, Mr. and Mrs. Ramsay argue about what the forecast will be for tomorrow. However, there are certain times where the two of them have an unspoken interaction. They reveal their true feelings for one another, striving to protect each other from harm. While one may question the status of their relationship and as to whether it is good or even healthy, Mr. and Mrs. Ramsay appear to be normal human beings who show various emotions and perceptions on life. Since the Ramsay’s marriage is complicated and includes various levels of attraction towards one another, someone could sum up the status of their relationship as being ambiguous, having moments of regret as well as happiness; therefore, their marriage is complicated.
One aspect of Mr. and Mrs. Ramsay’s relationship entails a sense of regret. There are moments in the novel where Mrs. Ramsay realizes her own faults in her relationship but also ponders how her life could have been better. During that period of time, she has an epiphany: “She thought to herself that possibly she might have managed things better -- her husband; money; his books” (4). Mrs. Ramsay takes it upon herself to review her approach to life and whether there is a simpler route that she could take. It is interesting that Mrs. Ramsay uses the word “managed ” in this paragraph because it suggests that she attempts to get through life as though it were a hassle instead of an adventure and a journey. Managing her life would also mean that she st...

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...e another, whether provoked by thoughts or spoken aloud along with their mutual understanding, keeps Mr. and Mrs. Ramsay’s marriage alive.
Mr. and Mrs. Ramsay have a complicated and ambiguous relationship. While Mr. and Mrs. Ramsay seem to have moments where their feelings for each other appear to be genuine, there are multiple moments where the status of their relationship can be questioned as to whether or not they actually love each other. However, there is a quality in their marriage, which keeps them together, one that is unspoken. While they may not tell each other “I love you ”, their feelings for one another can be seen briefly. Overall, the Ramsay’s relationship shows periods of both love and criticism towards one another making their marriage appear to be similar to a roller coaster ride, filled with moments of happiness one minute and anguish the next.

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The And Mrs. Ramsay Essay

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