The And Moral Responsibility : The State Of The Debate Essay examples

The And Moral Responsibility : The State Of The Debate Essay examples

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According to Greenspan, "Such cases as “impaired” psychopaths, perhaps redundantly, to allow for the possibility of deviant but basically functional cases. Though impaired psychopaths are not psychotic, I think we are intuitively inclined to deny them free will insofar as they lack a crucial resource for self-control. However, I shall argue that we can still hold them responsible" (Greenspan 420). Some people believe that Psychopaths are morally accountable for their actions because they still understand right from wrong, they do not feel guilt but they understand society 's laws. As described in the article Psychopaths and Moral Responsibility: The State of the Debate,
A sports analogy may be apt here; does the basketball player need to have a great jump shot to be a good player? I don’t think that she does. She could be good in other facets of the game and lack a good jump shot and still be considered a valuable contributor to the team (or a moral agent-moral community). She may have a hard time playing against teams that allow one to shoot but defend the drive rigorously—but overall, she could still be considered a good player and even in those cases can. Similarly, it seems that the psychopath could be lacking in empathy which could affect her ability to ethically perceive correctly in many passive cases, however, in active cases it seems he could get by just fine. And, in such cases, it would seem appropriate to hold them morally responsible (Caouette).
It is more than a simple play in a basket ball game, it would affect their over all performance. This analogy is not very effective in the sense that if the jump shot is being compared to morality, then morality would be not just a jump sho...

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...someone being that they are confined. They should have the chance to understand why they behave the way they do.
The main two facets in constructing a psychopath is their genetic makeup and their environmental background. Psychopath’s are not neurologically correct compared to an average human. There are areas in the neurological structure that a psychopath lacks, producing an undesirable personality. A psychopath can not be morally guilty if they are not born with morals or judgement. Punishment for those who commit a crime is substantial, if considered a part of society they must follow society 's laws. They should have a second chance at redeeming themselves by treatment, but should not have the chance to be let out of jail. If someone has no self-control and lacks the ability to make clear judgments, they cannot possibly be morally responsible for their actions.

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