Essay on The And Long Term Career Success

Essay on The And Long Term Career Success

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As flashing back in the past, I remember, when I was in high school our teacher use to inquire us, which college you are extending to after graduating from high school. At that time, no one had one unique answer and some of us were even confused to choose a college. Most of us have a fear of what others are going to think about which college I had chosen. Today, I recognize that it does not matter which college you go to, what matters the most, if how much you put the effort in your work while you are in college. For students who are still in high school they should read both essays. These essays can be very helpful in various ways. “Engagement is a key to community college success” by Joanne Jacobs and “Reading Skills: A key to short and long term career success” by Carol J Caster both the essay has some similarities and differences. Joanne Jacob and Carol J. Carter both the authors focus on various activities to help students being successful in college. However, most of Jacob’s writing focus on being engaged in college, but Carol talks about reading skills in college.
To begin with, both the authors talk about achieving goals in college. In Jacob’s essay, he mentioned in his essay that “The secret to success is people, Adney writes. Talk to classmates. Form study groups. Join clubs—and then take a leadership role. Develop a network of friends”. It shows that according to her students should engage with more friends. Talking to classmates and professors can help in various ways to succeed in college. Similarly, In Carol essay she mentioned that, “Read a book and discuss it with friends and family. Exchange handwritten letters with one of your friends across the country, or even one down the street”. She thinks that students shou...

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... successful in college. On the other hand, Carol believes that having higher reading skills can help those facing challenges in college. Jacob and Carter both defined how to be successful in college in their own ways.
In conclusion, student with communication skills and higher level of critical thinking can result in college success. Jacob suggests that students who talk to friends help them face challenges in doing their homework. Likewise, communication in college help students in raising their academic level. However, Carol suggests that student should focus on their reading and writing skills before going to college. She also mentioned that students with low reading skills face hardships in college and also getting jobs. Students who are fully engaged in college and have higher levels of reading and writing skills they can make their life successful in college.

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