The And Later Become Permanent Soldiers Essay

The And Later Become Permanent Soldiers Essay

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detachments and later become permanent soldiers. By December of 1900 the colonial military force would reach approximately 29,000 men of officers and enlisted. Before the organization of the Department of Defense the military forces were in restraint of the lands. In 1902 Australia thought the best way to configure a military force was to appoint a Commanding General Officer to accept care. The first Commanding General Officer is Major General Sir Edward Thomas Henry Hutton. One of Hutton’s first priorities is to begin collating and reorganizing the Australian Commonwealth military force. Australia has six states and each state has its own commandant, General Hutton wanted the same order and structure with all the states. General Hutton wanted to produce a reserve component to support the state and garrisons and a field force to maintain Australia as a whole. Hutton began making these modifications in early in 1903. The change Hutton was making was never going to work. His mobile force; which is the field force, is never going to mobile enough in a large continent. In 1903 when Hutton got the final approval, he began to rebuild the military power. Hutton’s plan would certainly be in turmoil, there were four problems that he came across. The first problem is the change form old practices that created a great deal of disarray. Units had to change names, fill roles and create units that did not exist. The second problem is manpower, he only had 28,000 men and could not create the units that he required and desired. The third problem is he could not acquire the funds to back up his idea. The last is the speculation from the politicians for the purpose of the Field Force. Hutton made poor financial decisions, thus he e...

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...risoners of war. Out of those 30,000 Soldiers in captivity, 10,000 would die. At the conclusion of the war, both Germany and Japan would surrender to the allied nations, consequently Australia would lose more than 40,000 Soldiers.
Throughout the millenniums Australia has not encountered real civilization until the 18th century. Before the 18th century the continent was inhabited by primitive humans that thought nothing of what the outside world had to offer, or in fact did know of a world outside theirs. In conclusions, as time passes by, the world is going to change, weather it would be an adaptation, evolution, new inventions or new discoveries. The Dutch had its chance with Australia, however in the 17th century the Dutch thought Australia was impractical to inhabit, but England had better plans that created a starting point for the present day of Australia.

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