Essay about The And Its Impact On The Lives Of People Today

Essay about The And Its Impact On The Lives Of People Today

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Times change so rapidly, and it can’t be denied that culture changes just as fast. Booming cities come and go, the demand for jobs decreases and new jobs arise along with innovative technology, styles of clothing take hold and die out, and even ethnic populations are constantly changing as integration becomes more prominent. However, some things seem to hang onto civilization as generations pass. Some of these consistencies include the broad view that childbearing is important, the acknowledgement of different societies with distinct rules and regulations, and the sacredness of family and cultural traditions. One concept of consistency that is frequently overlooked and is also a rare topic of conversation, however, is the idea of superstitions. As humans have adapted to constant changes in society, superstitions, including both the attempt at enhancing the chances of good luck and limiting the chances thereof, have existed through most types of societies for hundreds of years. Although these superstitions differ from civilization to civilization, they have been prominent nonetheless and are important in the lives of people today and in the lives of “vikings who lived from about 800-1100 AD”(Crawford PhD, Lecture, 26 Aug. 2016).
According to a psychology professor at Elon University, superstition is to be defined as “a claim of a particular type...where if X happens, then Y will happen, where by all the rules of science and logic and simple common sense, X and Y have nothing whatsoever to do with each other”(McClearn PhD, LA Times, 25 Oct, 2010). In other words, McClearn is stating that superstition is believing that performing or observing a certain action or ritual will somehow affect an outcome to which one prefers, or prevent ...

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...tremendously, but perhaps that is why similarities between these different societies are seen as such a phenomenon. As peculiar as analyzing superstition through time may be, its mere existence and commonality is rare and is a way to compare and contrast people who have lived at different times with different recourses. Although it is not common to think so, “superstition, it seems, is one thing that binds all of humanity throughout history and across cultural divides”(Lallanilla, Live Science, 13 Sept. 2013). With that said, the next time someone gasps in fear of ultimate doom after knocking over a salt shaker or stepping on a painted handicap logo, don’t jump to hasty conclusions in thinking they are crazy - believing in superstitions is a proven normal human tendency that has survived the changes of the centuries and has been around since the viking age, literally.

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