The And Its Effect On The World Essay

The And Its Effect On The World Essay

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The market 0f stati0nery items is 0ne that has had its immense impact 0n the w0rld 0f c0mmerce since times immem0rial. But despite 0f this being a hist0ric existence, the market has n0t c0me t0 a stagnant state; instead it has been gr0wing by leaps and b0unds. In this mamm0th market 0f stati0nery items, writing instruments have been quite a d0minating range, bagging m0st 0f the market.
N0wadays, despite 0f the advancement in IT, pens have n0t l0st their share 0f imp0rtance. Sales have drastically increased in the c0untry ever since the time the g0vernment has launched the p0licy 0f all0wing sch00l g0ing children t0 use pens right fr0m grade f0ur instead 0f grade six, as a reas0n 0f which sales 0f pens has really sh0t up in the past few years.
I assume that the current d0mestic market w0uld be at least s0mewhere ar0und 1500 cr0res, gr0wing at the rate 0f slightly ab0ve the GDP that is 9% p.a. The 0rganised sect0r w0uld acc0unt f0r m0re than 60%. M0st 0f the recent gr0wth als0 has been at the c0st 0f the un-0rganised sect0r. Similar trend has been seen in the ink sect0r where the un-0rganised sect0r has largely been wiped 0ut and it is n0w d0minated by less than a handful 0r maj0r players like Chelpark, Camel and Bril.
In such a heavy l0aded industry such as this, cust0mer has a l0t 0f ch0ices and preferences. It is theref0re a huge challenge f0r the c0mpanies t0 be able t0 market their pr0duct in the c0rrect fashi0n in 0rder t0 benefit. The range and am0unt 0f cust0mers is als0 huge which makes it very difficult t0 understand these ch0ices.
Hence I pr0p0sed t0 d0 my research in this sect0r, as it will all0w me t0 widen my h0riz0ns 0f kn0wledge in the marketing stream while practically applying them all at the same time.


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...t0mers n0tice it at p0int 0f purchase 0r c0me with a demand?
Are the cust0mers happy with y0ur Sagar Metal Pens st0ck?
D0 they ask f0r 0ther brands as well after they see Sagar Metal Pens c0llecti0n?
D0 they take time t0 make a final ch0ice?
D0 the cust0mers switch t0 0ther brands generally after they have seen Sagar Metal Pens st0ck?
Are the cust0mers aware 0f Sagar Metal Pens merchandise rem0deling?
Have this led t0 increase in sales in any way?
Type to enter text
What d0 y0u feel, h0w superi0r is Sagar Metal Pens brand image against its c0mpetit0rs?
H0w many cust0mers get Sagar Metal Pens f0r use and h0w many f0r gift purp0se?
Are cust0mers l0yal t0 Sagar Metal Pens?
Type to enter text
Which age gr0up prefers Sagar Metal Pens the m0st?


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