9/11 and Its Affects on Americans Views on Islam Essay

9/11 and Its Affects on Americans Views on Islam Essay

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"Who are you?"(Eggers 206) were the first words that Abdulrahman Zeitoun heard from the police officers that had surrounded him and his friends with their guns drawn as he walked out of 5010 Claiborne that he owned. He had been stopping by the house to use the telephone once a day to call his wife Kathy, who was in Arizona with their four children to escape Hurricane Katrina, a catagory 5 hurricane that had hit New Orleans, the city they lived in. Abdulrahman Zeitoun had stayed home to protect his many properties that he and his family had required in the sixteen years since he had moved to the city. He was a general contractor and owner of Zeitoun Painting Contractors, LLC. He also owned several rental houses around the city and had decided that he needed to stay in order to keep an eye on them, to make repairs as they happened and to help his neighbors in their times of need. He told his wife "I feel like I'm supposed to be here" , and that "It was God's will"(Eggers 124). The last, was a statement that would come to mean much more to the Zeitoun family in the weeks to follow, during the aftermath of a hurricane that would become the most costly natural disaster, and one of the five most deadly , in United States of America history. Another important moment in American history were he events on September 11th, 2001. That day changed not only America, but the world. Carried out by a fringe minority of Islamic militants, the attacks planted a seed of suspicion in the minds of some of the American public about the Islamic faith and Muslim people as whole. I believe that this fear and suspicion of Islam and Muslims was what fueled the deplorable treatment that Zeitoun that occurred after he was detained by the Department of Homelan...

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...ing it with terrorism and putting all Muslims in one basket. It creates a poisonous environment and hurts a lot. Most of us have been living with that.” (Flynn)When people are in a state of fear they will also not think clearly and make decisions that they otherwise wouldn't.

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