The And Evolution Of The World Wide Web Essays

The And Evolution Of The World Wide Web Essays

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The three videos introduced display a timeline and the evolution of the world wide web. Beginning with the founder Tim Berner-Lee and his call for raw data input to restructure the internet. The input of raw data restructured the internet leading to Web 2.0. Web 2.0 is where the internet was used as a platform to establish connections and collect intelligence. Web 2.0 then facilitated the development of Web squared. Tim O’Reilly founder of Web squared, contributed other technologies such as cameras, microphones, and smart devices contributed to the data-input structure of the web. With various data input sources, it was established through unlinked data that was uncommunicable that the internet was broken, leading to Web 3.0. Web 3.0 was development driven by users and technology, which exhibited the largest demand global collaborative effort.
Data comes in multiple forms, each piece being extremely diverse. Tim Berner-Lee (2009), founder of the world wide web, is a patron for demanding “raw data now” (TedTalks). In 2009, Berner-Lee founder of the world wide web, spoke at a conference explaining the process and development of the world wide web. He discussed the difficulties he had associated with explaining his concepts to others in a way they could understand. According to Berner-Lee (2009) the largest missing piece of the world wide web is missing data (TedTalks). Berner-Lee asked the audience to help in the re-framing of the world wide web, by entering data into the internet. He then clearly explained four rules for entering data in the web:
The first rule identify data with URIs. The second rule gets important information, if an HTTP name is taken and data entered, it then leads to the third rule. The third r...

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...., 2014). Porter suggest early active company involvement is the only way to be kept current, this also will allow boost within productivity and lower cost. Smart, Connect opportunities are endlessly seeking out new-levels of innovation, in the next twenty years smart products will be in every industry. All three videos and Michael Porters five forces the need for constant change to the increasing knowledge data base of the world wide web. Smart, connects give companies instant informational processing. Informational processing is a key component of Smart, devices since, "components of informational systems generate the most useful type of information for decision making, including transaction-processing reports and models for decision analysis,” allowing prediction for maintenance needs, schedule repairs and even providing critical information. (Bidgoli, H., p. 10)

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