Essay on The And Emotional Challenges Of The Medical Field

Essay on The And Emotional Challenges Of The Medical Field

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Those in the medical field not only treat our physical illnesses, but go far beyond that by helping us to face the personal and emotional challenges that we may also face. This became apparent to me at a very young age as I struggled with Adrenal Fatigue.Though I had visited many qualified doctors, none could diagnose this until my teen years. This made a big impact on my childhood, causing me to lose consciousness due to small triggers. It was both frightening and incomprehensible for my parents watching me lose consciousness in seconds, yet to the health professionals that I had come in contact with, I was the picture of perfect health. It was difficult for my parents seeing their baby on a heart monitor, having their little sunshine being hooked up to a brain activity monitor. The most frustrating aspect of all of this is that all of tests, treatments, and efforts of recuperation resulted in seemingly failed efforts. A process as painful as this was greatly eased due to the uplifting and delicate nature of the doctors and nurses that informed us all along the way, and assured us that they would take every measure to replenish my health. Their positivity calmed our concerns, and made those tough times more bearable.
As I grew older, my condition was something that became more of an interest, and I began listening more actively at doctor 's visits. I started to be more in control of my body as I became more aware about what was going on. I was curious about the health field, yet I did my best to avoid situations which would cause me discomfort and land me in a medical environment. While I have experienced some excellent care, I have also been in medical environments that are not so pristine. These lacks of quality that I have ...

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...d by a single mother that worked herself to the bone to give me everything I needed. Some were born with a silver spoon in their mouth, I was not. Every single advancement or achievement you hope to reach, you must work for. Being a minority growing up in today’s society, I have realized that I have to work 4 times as hard to get half of the amount of credit as others, and I will put forth the effort if that’s what it takes to reach the top. Through my struggles over the years, I have learned many essential skills that serve as fire to my fuel. Because I know what it feels like to be at the bottom, I can and will do whatever it takes to get to the top. I will do anything it takes to make a better future for me, my family, and the generations to come. I am ready for whatever obstacles may try to stand in my way with my best face forward, and readiness to achieve.

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