The And Deborah Tannen Discuss How Everyone Has A Different Way Of Expressing Their Feelings And Thoughts

The And Deborah Tannen Discuss How Everyone Has A Different Way Of Expressing Their Feelings And Thoughts

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“I 've had enough of you”- Him “You are obviously cheating on me” - Her “Think whatever you want, there 's no pleasing you in any way”-Him. This is usually how an argument between a couple starts off which then could lead to many different assumptions. In order to have to a healthy relationship, communication is key and being able to express to your partner in a healthy manner. Both John Gray and Deborah Tannen discuss how everyone has a different way of expressing their feelings and thoughts but they both agreed that it doesn 't only affect the ones in the argument but the people they are surrounded by. This is something many do not take in consideration while being in an argument with someone. Poor communication can lead to the loss of happiness within yourself and the people you are surrounded by or in a relationship with. I have seen this happen in my life and have always wondered what was the root to this problem. After reading these two different articles I had a better understanding why couples had a hard time communicating with one another.
Many believe that in order to have a healthy relationship you have to be able to work together. But that is not always the case, couples have to be able to communicate with one another. Unfortunately couples do not realize that and are quick to blame on the other person and think that they are always right. This is caused by having poor communication skills and it is not just “she 's wrong, I 'm right.” There are many factors that lead to not knowing how to communicate with orders. The way one was raised plays a big role. Male and females have always been separated. Think about it, in elementary school, during lunch the boys would sit on side of the table, while the girls sat on the o...

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...been able to use this as a motivation to get a job and be more involved within the school. So the way someone is affected by poor communication can be both good and bad. The solution to this is if they were able to communicate, they would address the problem differently and solve it to avoid future ones.
Happiness is something that comes within the person itself but it also has other factors that can interfere with it. The main one is the lack of communication. If we were able to communicate our thoughts with each other the “right” way; then it would make everyone 's life easier. But in life, in other words school, we are not aught this. We are taught what 1+1 is and not life skills. Which is why I believe there is so many people in prison because we are forced to do things the right way instead of actually learning something from it and making a change in the world.

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