The And Deal : The Human Resource Frame Essay

The And Deal : The Human Resource Frame Essay

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When reading Bolman and Deal, it helped put a lot of situations that occurred with my previous employer into perspective. It was easy to see how decisions were made in reference to the structural frame and the political frame. Overall, the human resources frame was most useful in identifying deficits of my previous employer, particularly toward the end. However, there is a particular situation that is best explained using the Human Resource Frame.
In better and more prosperous times, my previous employer held a yearly event called Parthenon. The best employees from across the US were chosen to attend. These individuals were chosen based on either performance or nomination. It was intended to be the ultimate award for peak performance. The trip was all inclusive; free airfare, luxurious hotel accommodations, full meals with any choice of beverage, and free fun events associated with the local area.
This event is well explained by the Human Resources frame as its purpose was to make sure employees felt valued and to reward them for "a job well done". While only a small percentage of the entire workforce was able to participate in the event, its intention was to provide employees with something to strive toward. It was also rejuvenating for those given the opportunity to attend. The event was inspiring and left you with the feeling that you work for a great company and they do care about you; so much so that they are willing to spend a lot of money and provide you with a wonderful experience . The event also focused heavily on the driving force of the company: the students and helping them to improve and change their lives. Employees returned to work feeling inspired and ready to do just that. The event provided the co...

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... this paradigm I would need to find theories that support my research.

For research based around human behavior I would not want to rely solely on quantitative data. While this data may help me to identify patterns, it would not allow my research to be well-rounded if it did not include qualitative findings. My research would not be complete if only closed questions were asked and would be more robust through the use of open questions. I also would not want to rely solely on qualitative data as I believe quantitative data such as demographics and survey results would be useful in identifying patterns. I would need to clearly define how I collected the data for the research and what the parameters were. Before beginning my research I would also need to do self-reflection to ensure I am aware of any biases I possess as I pursue my research and analyze my findings.

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