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The And Arguments Of Slavery Essay

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The majority of southerners defended slavery and rose to the challenge to argue with the Abolitionists. These defenses and arguments of slavery revolved around many concepts integral to the basic requirements of civilization, economics, religion, history, legality, social morality and even humanitarianism. The Southerner lived in the world where slaves were part of who they were, how they functioned and why they were successful. In many southern states, as shown in the 1790 census there were as many slaves as free men ( Giving two examples, Virginia the most populated state in the country had nearly 300,000 slaves and only 110,000 free white men over 16 years of age. Accordingly, Georgia, the least populated state of the original thirteen had 2 slaves for every one of the white males over 16 years of age and there were 13,000. Slavery was engrained into the psyche of the south, it was part of who they were and they would defend their way of life.
The southerner argued that a sudden end to slavery would destroy their economy. The south relied heavily on slave labor. It was the foundation of the cotton and tobacco industry in the south. Interestingly, these ideas were so integral to the southern way of thinking that even those that did not own slaves, which was the majority of the south, would rebel against the idea. Most of the south were poor white men, who believed that the only way to become rich was to one day own a plantation and stockade of slaves. The idea of removing slavery also removed they hopes and dreams of all southern men. It is important to understand this, because clearly, a logical person would not understand why the majority of poor white men would fight to keep the rich richer. For the south, t...

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...omeless in American history, wrote that "The legal history of vagrancy in colonial Virginia gives some indication of its insignificance there and in the South in general." (Kusmer) Slavery, in effect, removed homelessness from the south, especially when comparied to the Northern Provinces. Men who traveled to the North were most likely appalled to see the homeless and vagabonds on the streets. The South lived a more hospitable, gentlemanly antebellum, and they would defend it.
When a society forms around any institution, as the South did around slavery, it will develop a set of arguments to support its position. Southerners found defensible positions in many areas that created the foundation of their logical arguments. The early American Southerner held firm to their their personal beliefs while the political tensions in the country drew us ever closer to civil war.

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