Essay about Ancient Societies on America Today

Essay about Ancient Societies on America Today

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To what extent do the hierarchal nature of the Catholic Church and the Ancient Egyptian society impact today’s American society? This research question is worthy of investigation because hierarchy affects today’s society in a variety of ways, and knowing where the basis of a hierarchal society comes from can further help society understand why government and organizations are organized the hierarchal way they are. Catholicism and Ancient Egypt were chosen to be analyzed because they were both based around social hierarchies. They both also greatly impacted societies during the time they existed, or in the case of Catholicism, still currently impact societies all over the world. The impact that they had on society in the past was so great, however, the affect they have on today’s American society may be rarely recognized, the Catholic and Ancient Egyptian societies continue to impact cultural, political, and economic societies all over the world, including the United States of America.
Ancient societies were based around social hierarchies. Catholicism and the Ancient Egyptian society both had complicated hierarchies that were used to help further the success of their societies. The hierarchy the Catholic religion continues to this day while the hierarchy of the Egyptian society resulted in the societal organization of societies all over the world. The organization of these societies and organizations helped them succeed and in the case of the Catholic Church, helped them to survive to this day.
Humans naturally organize themselves, typically it is in a hierarchal organization because a hierarchy makes logical sense. The human need to organize themselves and form an organization for the good and future succe...

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...n realized.

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