Ancient Rome And The Modern World Essay

Ancient Rome And The Modern World Essay

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Ancient Rome was an important and prominent republic, later empire, in the ancient world. Even though Ancient Rome fell nearly 2,000 years ago, countries and people are still influenced by the Romans today. Ancient Rome influenced modern civilizations with their inventions - such as aqueducts and sewage systems, but the main way that Rome influenced the modern world was their way of governing the people and the land they had. Look at the United States of America, the founding fathers based the country on the early Roman Republic. There are many similarities between Ancient Rome and the modern United States of America, but there are also differences.
The Roman republic was founded by the overthrowing of the last Roman king, Lucius Tarquinius Superbus, and expelling the Etruscan theocratic way of governing. Ancient Rome was an exceedingly wealthy and mighty power in the ancient world. The Romans were known for their highly skilled military, architectural marvels, and their political and social structures. In Ancient Rome, the people were not defined by a set religion (until the fall of the Roman Empire), they incorporated the beliefs and gods of the people whose land they conquered into their pantheon. In their culture, sex and it’s related acts were commonly accepted and practiced. Prostitution wasn’t illegal or even looked down upon, it had it’s own professional guild. They also had certain allowed gender roles in their society - women were the ones to look after the home, and raise the children as they are supposed to do in the majority of ancient civilizations. Roman women were more liberated than any other women in the ancient world; they were allowed to get divorced and receive an education (though less than a man) for exam...

... middle of paper ... nations had - but Ancient Rome had an enormous gap in whereas the US’s is much smaller. Gender roles are not nearly as obvious in the modern United States of America. The cultural norms also differed for each civilization. In Ancient Rome, sex was a large part of everyday life, or at least a prominent part of Roman life. Sexual acts were frequent and accepted, as was prostitution. Prostitution was a legitimate job that paid quite well in Ancient Rome. Sexualities other than straight were also allowed, but only really for men. It was common for men to have gay lovers, and for them to fight together in battle to make them fight more ferociously. Additionally, Ancient Rome was limited to the Iron Age of technological development where the United States was a leader through the Industrial Age, the Information Age, and seems to be a leader of the Biotech Age as well.

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