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Ancient Rome And Modern Rome Essay

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At first the Ancient Rome and Modern Rome paintings look vaguely similar. They both are a painting of an enormous room with various paintings filling every square inch of it. Ancient Rome presents Rome with all of its famous monuments, sculptures, and statues as a way to illustrate the accomplishments of their time. While Modern Rome introduces the new buildings, monuments, and statues as Rome’s new accomplishment and even the possibility of new ideas. Both paintings resemble each other quite similarly in their setting of frames, lighting, the drape covering parts of the gallery, and the people present in the painting. Giovanni Panini interestingly created with these two paintings as mirrors inside a museum, illustrating how a museum appears to be while these paintings themselves are in a museum.
The Ancient Rome painting illustrates a gallery of various paintings, which include the accomplishments and monuments of Ancient Rome. It includes paintings of the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Arc of Constantine, and sculptures of Laocoon, Hercules and many others. This painting serves as a gallery, where there are some people admiring the pieces of art and some appear to be drawing. Among the men included in the painting, Giovanni Panini included himself—standing behind the chair— and the man, Count de Stainville—in the center holding the book—whom he painted it for. Interesting enough, the men in the painting whose gazes cut through the painting and are directed towards the viewer, are the men who have real identities in real life. These two men are starring back onto the outside world, where they belong. While the other men, who have no identity, let alone any real purpose in the painting, are distracted by the paintings. Beyond the m...

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...king that it was the same painting. I found it odd that they were not directly next to each other, considering that they are pendants and particularly related to each other.
The mirroring effect that these paintings evoke create a sense of self-realization in a museum. The men’s gaze directed at the viewer illustrate the connection of the outside world, the audience, in accordance with the realm of illustration and ideas, the painting itself. Giovanni Panini intertwined paintings inside a painting, along with various pieces of art within a single piece of art. The Ancient Rome and Modern Rome represent more than just a gallery filled with paintings and sculptures, it’s beyond what we, the viewer, can initially think about. It’s about the captivating details, which are repeated throughout the paintings, which emphasize Panini’s idea of the mirror reflecting itself.

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