Ancient Roman Medicine And Surgery Essay

Ancient Roman Medicine And Surgery Essay

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Ancient Greece and Rome had an assortment of options regarding medicine and surgical tools to fix, heal, and alleviate various ailments and injuries. The ancient Greeks considered medicine a holistic lifestyle that interweaved the spiritual with the physical, often utilizing natural options to remedy diseases and injuries. As for the ancient Romans, their medical knowledge largely stems from the Greeks through combining Greek medical elements into their various specialized fields, and with many Roman physicians gaining hands-on medical knowledge from the battleground. Archaeological evidence for medicine and surgeries in ancient Greece and Rome is proliferate within texts, artefacts, and art. Accordingly, this paper will scrutinize the daily life encompassing ancient Roman medicine and surgery through using ancient Greek medical practices and customs as a foundational lens.
Medicine in Ancient Greece was a prominent field that took a holistic and natural approach to life and dealing with its misfortunes. While many would consider the Greek physician Hippocrates, the “Father of Western Medicine,” however, it was Aulus Cornelius Celsus, a medically-trained Roman army veteran and encyclopaedist from whom we derive much of our modern medical knowledge. Before Greek influences, the ancient Romans lacked structured and qualified medical knowledge and facilities to aid in attending to wounds and injuries. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the ancient Romans, chiefly the Roman Army, had some of the finest medical and surgical techniques and methods until the turn of the 18th century.
Thus, a Roman surgery was a hygienic and austere place. Vinegar and occasionally boiling water was used to sanitize their tools. While evidence sti...

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...f bronze and silver, this contributed to the development of sharper edges, rather than blunt ones. Eventually medical tools became less expensive to manufacture, thus commonplace in ancient Rome. However, due to oxidation, iron was never employed for medical instruments. Artwork and poetry support this has been well-documented in various illustrations of doctors removing arrows from soldiers. Medical tools of the Roman empire were incredibly effective and the archaeological evidence we have of them serves as a testament. Considering how the medical artifacts we have from Pompeii indicate just how exceedingly advanced the ancient Romans were in designing and manufacturing surgical tools. While were no dedicated craftsmen who manufactured medical instruments, physicians who required a precise tool could indubitably ask for it to be crafted based on description alone.

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