Ancient Roman History: Romulus and Remus Essay

Ancient Roman History: Romulus and Remus Essay

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Ancient Rome
Ancient Rome was a unique and complex civilization that thrived in several different areas for many years. A common myth about the beginnings of Ancient Rome starts with Romulus and Remus, twin descendants of Aeneas. After being abandoned by their mother, the twins were rescued by a wolf. When they grew up, Romulus and Remus decided to found a city. They fought over its location until Romulus killed his brother and founded the city of Rome. In reality, the Latins were the first settlers in Rome. Here is some more information about how Rome’s geography, government, religion, economics, and social structure developed along with a biography about an important Roman person.
Ancient Rome was located in Italy, on the Italian Peninsula, on the continent of Europe. Surrounding Rome was the Mediterranean and Ionian Seas, and the Tiber River. The sea became an important part of Roman life and the Romans used it for trade routes and food because of their location on a peninsula. Rome was originally built on seven hills, called the Seven Hills of Rome. The people who founded Rome built it on hills because it was easier to defend from attackers from high ground. Rome had a mild climate year round and good farmland. Some of the land had poor soil, but other parts had very rich soil, and the good weather year round made for a longer growing season. To the north boundary of Ancient Rome were the Alps and the Apennines mountain ranges. The mountains, hills, and river provided protection for the ancient civilization. As you can see, Rome was placed in a strategic region in order to defend, travel, and trade.
Government in Ancient Rome varied depending on the time period. Rome started out as a monarchy, ruled by Etruscan kings. Thi...

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...trol of Rome. When he returned this time, the Senate was frightened of him and named him dictator for life. Even though Caesar ruled as an absolute ruler, he made several reforms that led to controversy about whether he was too ambitious and didn’t believe in what was right or a true believer in what was right for the people. All of these questionable decisions led to Caesar’s assassination in 44 B.C.E. He was killed outside of the Senate building by a group of rebels who wanted the republic to rise again. All in all, Julius Caesar was an influential and important person in Ancient Rome.
As you can now seem Ancient Rome was extremely successful in many things. It excelled in geography, government, religion, economics, and social structure. In conclusion, Ancient Rome was a unique and complex civilization that thrived in several different areas for many years.

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