Ancient Olympic Gamges to Modern Day Olympic Games Essay

Ancient Olympic Gamges to Modern Day Olympic Games Essay

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Spectators from all over the world have gathered together on one stage, leaving no seat empty in the grand arena. Cheers could be heard from all over the stadium as athletes from different towns and cities come out. These people, trained and ready, have come from throughout the land, gathered together in one spot to compete against one another. This was no simple competition. Not only is it for the people, but it is also for the gods, to see who will be declared victor amongst those who call themselves the finest over the rest. The moment the runner wielding the torch enters the stadium, everyone waits and watches in earnest anticipation. The cauldron is lit by the Olympic flame and the arena thunders with applause and hurrahs. The games have begun.
The ancient Olympic Games are heralded divine because it was dedicated one of the Greek’s most important gods, the almighty Zeus, and the cooperative time it created of no conflict amongst the fighting Greek city-states. Despite the role it played in uniting the city-states together, it eventually went away due to natural and human intervention. However, it has been brought back in the name of the modern day Olympics, which to this day, has recreated that sense of peace ancient Greece was able to achieve in the days of its golden age.
The ancient Greek Olympic Games were not ordinary games like the modern day games. These games were held in honor of the Greek gods, particularly Zeus, to the point the games were held in his sanctuary in Olympia for “ten centuries, [from 776 B.C to A.D. 394]” (Callebat 555). At the time, it originated from “funeral games, ritual dance and sacrifice, fertility ritual associated with the worship of Zeus” (Callebat 559). It correlated with the religious f...

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...ictors ““most happy”” (Kyle 37). To win by one’s own strength and abilities has to be one of the major, if not best accomplishments, these athletes ever achieved. This is confirmed by a saying in Homer’s Odyssey, “there is no greater fame for a man than that which he wins with his foot work or the skills of his hands” (Kyle 37). The sentiment would be shared between both the ancient Greek and the modern day Olympic athletes.
The ancient Greek Olympic Games are said to be on par with the modern day Olympic Games, despite the cultural intentions they may have. They are basically the same at the core of their institutions. Despite the realized traits of these games, they have been able to create a unifying atmosphere, indirectly causing a pseudo-period of peace for all as the ancient Greeks and the modern world have come together to watch whenever these games appear

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