Ancient Greek Mythology: Hellas The Oppressive Essay

Ancient Greek Mythology: Hellas The Oppressive Essay

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Poseidon, Hera, Athena, Aphrodite, Zeus; these are all gods and goddesses from Hellenic (Ancient Greek) mythology who have been worshipped and prayed to by the people of Hellas for millennia, although not today, but the gods used to be the centre of life in Hellas. The Hellenes would pray to, worship, sacrifice animals to, give up wine and food to and revere the gods due to their power and authority over them. Hoplite: Torch of Prometheus, by Michael Pritsos, takes place in the eighteenth year of the Peloponnesian War (413 BC) in Hellas. The main character, Maxites, is the adopted son of king Diocrates of a fictional polis named Devanum. Through hardships, near death experiences, nightmares and visions, conversations with the gods and the loss of nearly everyone he loves, Maxites learns to lead, follow orders, suffer losses and survive in the harshest conditions. The dominant Hellenistic culture as depicted in this novel negatively impacted and influenced those living in Hellas at that time. This Ancient culture has oppressed the Hellenes specifically through gender roles, family and the community. By oppressing these people, the Hellenistic culture did not give these people the Human Rights that they deserved.
To begin, the first way Hellenes were negatively influenced by their culture was through gender roles, these gender roles also took away from the rights of the Hellenes. When Maxites leaves Devanum to meet his soon-to-be wife, he enters her polis named Sunium and helps his own men from Devanum build a wall of protection around Sunium to keep those in Sunium safe from the wrath of the barbaric Spartans. While he and his men worked, Adara (his future wife) and some other women from Sunium fed them and gave them water. In a ...

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