Ancient Greek Culture: Inventors of Demoncrary

Ancient Greek Culture: Inventors of Demoncrary

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The Greek culture served as a frame for many aspects of Western life, one of which is government. They are the first culture that we know of that created a true democracy. They were incredible thinkers, people nowadays could never have thought of such reason. Without their thoughts and ideas our modern day government would not be as powerful as it is currently.
The Greeks were highly sophisticated thinkers and had a marvelous sense of imagination. They were the first culture to figure out a democratic form of government. The people of their time had no science for explanation; instead they used imagination and logic that was pure genius (Hagroth 1). Greeks had a lot of different governments because there were many city- states each with their own government. Aristotle divided each government into monarchies, tyrannies, and democracies. Countries still use these forms of government today. In 520 the city-state of Athens created their first democratic government, soon other Greek city-states imitated them (Carr 2). The first Constitution of Greece came into being during the First National Assembly of Epidaurus, which voted, on January 1st, 1822, the "Temporary Constitution of Greece". The Constitution of 1822 consisted of 110 short paragraphs, broken down into titles and sections, according to the French model. It was entitled "Temporary Constitution of Greece" because the authors were afraid of the reaction of the Holy Alliance (Artkreta 1). Greece still continues to improve their government system today by revising or rewriting their constitution. Most of their ideas were the beginnings of our modern day society.
Modern society has a democracy for our main form of government. Most of the ideas came from John Lock. He saw how the Roman Empire was great, and used their ideas for a government; of course the Romans got their ideas from the Greeks (Tocqueville 4). The idea of our jury came from the Greeks idea of choosing lots from a body of 6,000 citizens. Eventually they got around to the divine right of all citizens to approach government. But like our society was women, children, foreigners, and slaves were not allowed to vote, or take part in government. By the late fourth century every citizen could perform political practices to make society work more democratically (Kane 4, 6). The modern house and senate today came from the magistrates of their time. There were 350 magistrates chosen by a lot from all qualified candidates who put in their names (Jones 1).

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Today the people choose who goes into the senate and house by a formal voting process. Women are now allowed to vote as well as any citizen 18 years of age.
Ancient Greece’s culture was the outline for many modern day societies. Romans took the ideas of the Greeks and formed one of the most powerful Empires ever known. Lock studied and gathered the most successful ideas and created the current government we know today. America is now one of the most powerful nations in the world, and without the minds of the ancient Greeks, this nation would cease to exist
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