Essay on Ancient Greece 's Influence On Modern Medicine

Essay on Ancient Greece 's Influence On Modern Medicine

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Ancient Greece’s Influence on Modern Medicine
Greece, birthplace to many of the world’s greatest philosophers, inventors, and scientists, has influenced civilization throughout time. Of these abundant influences none holds more weight than those on the field of medicine. Ancient Greece, known as the birthplace of medicine, has greatly influenced modern medicine through countless ways. These ways range from medical ethics that keep medicine unbiased and uncorrupt, information on the human body that has broadened the fields of medicine immensely, and treatments and practices that have made the world of modern medicine a safer place for patients.
Ethics, the study of whether something is right or wrong, is of great importance in the field of medicine, where the patient’s health is at risk. Thanks to ancient Greece, medical ethics have evolved from worship and superstition into putting the patients health first ( Kumar 172 ). This evolution began with the philosopher Hippocrates, the man known as the father of medicine, and his ideals to develop medical ethic rules ( Orfanos 854 ). From these rules Hippocrates developed the Hippocratic oath, which he used as a pledge of ethics that his medical students were required take and uphold. One of the most influential ethical rules that Hippocrates strived to enforce was to move away from viewing disease as a punishment by the gods ( Orfanos 852 ).This revolutionary concept had huge impacts on how modern medical ethics have evolved, since without it patients who are sick or impaired would still be viewed as sinners. This notion that someone who is ill or handicapped must be a sinner is such dangerous and unhealthy, because not only were these patients viewed with less worth, but also were n...

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...nfluence and not a unchanging rule.
The field of medicine has seen many influences from ancient civilizations throughout history, but none more influential than those contributed by the denizens of ancient Greece. Thanks to the brilliant minds of ancient Greece, modern medicine has flourished into a field of sound ethics based on rational reasoning and observations instead of worship and divination. With these sound ethics in place practitioners of medicine were able to expand the knowledge of the human physiology, and employ that knowledge to the development of the countless treatments and fields of medicine we have in modern medicine. The current state of medicine may be far from perfect, but our Greek predecessors of medicine have provided us with the backbone of a productive functioning system that allows us to care for and treat our societies in the modern era.

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