Essay about Ancient Egypt, The Universe, And The Origins Of Mankind

Essay about Ancient Egypt, The Universe, And The Origins Of Mankind

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Throughout the centuries, humans have been trying to explain the origins of the earth, the universe, and the origins of mankind. Every culture has established some form of myth in an effort to answer these questions. Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, all have left a profound legacy upon the modern world. Their civilizations continue to be studied in universities throughout the world to this very day, because of their powerful and organized government infrastructures; that was directly linked to their religions, their elaborate creation stories, and their controversial polytheistic lifestyles.
To begin with, Ancient Egypt was a progressive society, with an organized government structure and hierarchy. This system operated completely around the Pharaoh, and his citizens considered him to be a god incarnate. Given that kind of power, gave the Pharaoh complete control over the people. Under t, the vizers where next in the chain of command, they made sure that the taxes were collected. Assisting the vizier, were the scribes, who kept all the official documents. Next, the nobles and priests; nobles were usually related to the Pharaoh and were responsible for supervising the farmers that worked the land, and the Priests’ duties were to please the gods. Following, were the military personal, and at the bottom of the totem pole, were the craftsmen, farmers, and slaves., illustration of the Egyptian Social Pyramid:

Egypt was a predominately agricultural society, who constantly sought favor from the gods and goddess to ensure bountiful crops. Egyptians believed that if a famine the land, or suffered a natural disaster such as a flood; these ev...

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...r that which is hidden)”. Some scholars write that Amon became lonesome. As a result, he created his son Shu, god of the air, by spitting him out and gave life to his daughter Tefnut, goddess of moisture, by regurgitation. From Shu and Tefnut, Geb god of the earth and Nut, the sky goddess were born. Willis further writes, “The Ogdoad came together to form the cosmic egg from which the sun god hatched.” Comparatively, Greece’s god Chronos comes Aither (“upper air”), Erebos (“darkness) and Chaos (“the yawning void”). Willis writes “Chronos fashions an egg, from which is born Phanes, the creator of everything. Phanes has a daughter, Night, who becomes his consort.” Afterward, Night gives birth to Gaia (Mother Earth) and Uranus (God of the sky). Ancient Greeks believed that their deities lived on Mount Olympus. Religion was a part of Egyptians everyday life and

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