Ancient Egypt : The Great Pyramid Of Egypt Essay

Ancient Egypt : The Great Pyramid Of Egypt Essay

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For our theme, today we will focus on the power of royalty. Throughout most of Egypt’s time there was a king or queen, controlling some aspect of the country. The high hierarchy led Egypt to many great things, creating a society of wonder and admiration. The kings and queens of Egypt are now gone, but has still left a mark in history and culture. As we visit some parts of Egypt it will be clear that the hierarchy had a strong influence on the people of Egypt. Some of the places that we will be visiting is the Tut Exhibit in New York, The Great Pyramid of King –Khufu, The Abu Simbel temple of King Ramses, and the Mortuary temple of Hatshepsut. These sites have given a strong name to Egypt that may never be forgotten. Egyptian artifacts are not strictly for Egypt, but rather shared throughout the world where everyone can view the artifacts. The Egyptian culture can still make an impact, even if it dates back to the B.C era. So our first stop is to New York from Florida, taking a 3 hour flight and 40 minute drive, we make it to our first destination, the Exhibit of King Tut.
King Tut or also known as Tutankhaten was the king of ancient Egypt from 1333 to 1323 BCE. King Tut died unexpectedly at the age of 19 years, allowing him to be king of Egypt at the age of 9 years old. As we walk around the exhibit of King Tut we will see many priceless artifacts found in his tomb. Such as King Tut 's mask, the mask itself is made out of gold. The Egyptians did not use the mask to show wealth, but used it due to the strong belief of magical potency and religious properties. As we continue to look around, we will see more artifacts made from gold. The reasoning for this is that if the king or queen came back to life they would have an abundance of...

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...f at the temple. Outside of Hatshepsut temple are statues of herself showing her glory to the people, but as we look closer she wore men’s attire, such as the beards and jewelry. This made Hatshepsut appear stronger and more masculine, but walking into the temple we would find a place for Hatshepsut just for herself. In this place in the temple Hatshepsut would have a hideaway where she can act like a woman showing her feminine side to the gods. But even though the temple hid Hatshepsut for a little, it was sort of shrine to herself showing a strong Pharaoh statue, and her multiple paintings showing her intelligence. In Ancient Egypt it was safe to assume that for whoever the Pharaoh was male or female they had tremendous power to accomplish to build enormous or even mountain side temples. A Pharaoh even had the power to be marked in history and be compared to gods.

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