Ancient Egypt 's Life, Death, And Legacy Essays

Ancient Egypt 's Life, Death, And Legacy Essays

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Ancient Egypt had its fair share of mighty rulers, but few were as powerful as Ramses II. In this lesson, we 're going to explore this pharaoh 's life, death, and legacy and see how he impacted the ancient world.

Ramses II

Ramses II lived from roughly 1300 to 1213 BCE. He was pharaoh, or king of Egypt, from 1279 BCE until his death. He was the third pharaoh of Egypt 's 19th dynasty. That 's cool, but these dry factoids don 't quite capture the true essence of Ramses II. So, let 's ask the ancient Egyptians what they though of him. Back in the 13th century BCE, this ancient ruler was actually known as Userma 'atre,setepenre, which roughly translates to ' 'Keeper of Harmony and Balance, Strong in Right, Elect of Ra '~`. As far as royal titles go, that 's not bad.

Ramses II was one of the strongest and most popular leaders in Egypt 's illustrious history, so much so that history remembers him as Ramses the Great. He is remembered for his numerous building projects, his role in expanding and stabilizing Egypt 's borders, and his lasting impact on Egyptian civilization.

Ramses II
Early Life

Ramses II was born to the Pharoah Seti I and his wife, Queen Tuya. While most of his upbringing is lost to time, we know that Ramses was joining his father on military campaigns by the time he was 14 and was assisting in the Pharaoh 's building projects by his early 20s. He also became a co-ruler of Egypt with his father near the end of the old Pharaoh 's life. By the time that Ramses II ascended the throne on his own in his mid-20s, he was already an experienced military leader, builder, and administrator.

Military Campaigns

Ramses II spent a lot of time engaged in various military campaigns, but the most significant was against the ri...

... middle of paper ...

... which caused something of a national panic. Ramses II lived such an unnaturally long life that he even outlived many of his children. It was his thirteenth son who actually ascended the throne after him. Ramses II was worshipped as a god by the Egyptians after his death and as a great leader by historians for centuries to come.

Lesson Summary

Ramses II (approximately 1300-1213 BCE) was one of the most powerful rulers of ancient Egypt. He was a successful military leader, remembered for his role in the Battle of Kadesh against the Hittite Empire. He was an enthusiastic builder, commissioning massive temple complexes across Egypt such as the Ramesseum and the tomb for his first wife, Nefertari. Ramses II died as one of the longest-reigning emperors in Egypt 's history, as well as one of the most popular and most powerful. That 's an impressive legacy to leave behind.

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