Ancient Egypt : Education On A High Pedestal Essay

Ancient Egypt : Education On A High Pedestal Essay

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Ancient Egypt placed education on a high pedestal. The more educated you were increased the chances of you being wealthy, as well as determined your status in the society. Although there were not many schools during that time, there were a few, and only a few attended. “These schools were only attended by boys. The ordinary people were educated at home.” (Alchin, “Ancient Egypt Education”). Many people in Ancient Egypt did not receive a formal education. Several of them had manual labor jobs, which were usually the same occupation their fathers had before them.
Although women were on the same level as men, women still were not given as many opportunities that the males had when it came to education. Whatever class you were born in, was the class that you would remain in for the rest of your life. It was very rare that a person of a lower class would become wealthy or even obtain a formal education. Schools during ancient Egypt are very similar to that of today. They had rules based on how to behave in class, they had benches for the students, and a big chair for the teacher (Carr).
During Ancient Egypt there were schools available, just like many other parts of the world. But not many people attended them. At the time women were not allowed to go to school. Any knowledge obtained by young ladies was usually from their mothers or a slave who lived with them. Many girls weren’t granted the opportunity to learn how to read or write, and if they did know how, most of the time they had come from wealthy homes. Females who were granted the opportunity to go to school were usually very successful, some even became doctors or advisors. Girls were taught the basics. They were taught how to maintain the household, cook and sewing.
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...m students today, when the students did not enjoy the work, they did not do it, and of course they had to suffer the consequences for being disobedient.
“The Prince’s School was the most respected of all of the schools and gave the very best Ancient Egyptian education. The Prince’s School would have educated the sons of the Pharaoh, members of the royal family, nobles and high officials (Alchin). Some boys who had a promising future was granted entry into this school.
Boys from wealthier families that attended formal schools, and started at a very young age. They were taught basic things, such as reading and writing, history, music, and science. The goal of every student was to have acquired enough skill to receive one of the highest positions. Positions ranging from the royal palace, the army, working for the government, and even hopes of becoming a tax assessor.

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