Ancient Egypt And Ancient Egyptian Paintings Essay

Ancient Egypt And Ancient Egyptian Paintings Essay

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For quite some time now I have taken a great interest in Ancient Egyptian artwork and the history behind it. The Ancient Egyptian were once a powerful civilization, they left behind thousands of ancient enriched artifacts. Religion played a significant role in Ancient Egyptian artwork and had a huge influence on their civilization. The vast majority of Ancient Egypt artwork illustrates images of gods, goddesses, and rulers known as pharaohs. The Ancient Egyptians paid close attention to balance, proportions and rich details. If a person were to closely look at Egyptian art it would be clear to see that they used vibrant shapes with simple figures and smooth spaces of color assisting in creating a sense of direction and poise in Ancient Egyptian artwork. Vertical and horizontal lines heavily influenced artists, which is why their artwork is so uniquely different from other eras in art history.
In order to visibly describe the societal pyramid of a culture, sketches of things were drawn based on the ranking that figure had in the society. Meaning, those who had the most power (pharaohs) were drawn bigger than other images, this just showed the power and value pharaohs had over everything else. Egyptian art expresses how the once great civilization viewed their religious philosophies. Their artwork praises nature in all its forms, nonetheless the focal emphasis was on their gods, goddesses, and the Pharaoh, whom they considered their living god. Spiritual memorials were designed to generate an impression of shock and admiration of the buildings. The vast majority of their artworks entail their beliefs in life after death. Their belief in life after death is why they frugally lived. They did not care too much for fancy ho...

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...e him or her.
Egyptian art is uniquely like no other, I find it very fascinating how artists placed so much emphasis on each precise detail. To this day Egypt consists of more than one eighth of the world 's monuments (“Crystalinks”, 2015). Attracting people from all over the world, the Egyptian construction of palaces, temples, pyramids and the Sphinx still astonishes the world. Leaving room for curiosity on how they assembled structures purely from human strength and engineering knowledge. They had abundant knowledge of conserving that keeps the body preserved to this day. Their works of arts, on walls and in jewelry are fantastically fascinating. Ancient Egyptian services are far more important service than most people understand. I don’t think people will ever be able to fully understand the entirety of Ancient Egyptian history and the masses of artwork left.

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