Essay about Ancient Egypt And Ancient China

Essay about Ancient Egypt And Ancient China

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Ancient Egypt and Ancient China often seem like polar opposites in almost every way. However, in one way, they are more similar than most people think. The beliefs of both of these civilizations were remarkably parallel, yet perplexingly different at the same time. Religion before 600 B.C.E. varied from society to society all around the globe, with just a few major religions taking hold in large areas. In both Egyptian and Chinese religions, they adhered to a polytheistic religion. Boths religions believed there were many gods who individually ruled over the many different parts of life, instead of one god ruling over all. Both Egyptian and Chinese cultures believed in life after death. Each one of these religions believed in some form of a “heaven” that continued after one had died. Yet, Chinese religion believed in the readings of Oracle bones, while Egyptians instead gave sacrifices to their gods. Oracle bones are heated animal bones that were cracked then interpreted into prophecies.
In both Egypt and China, they believed in a polytheistic religion. The Egyptians thought that there was one god that ruled over a different part of their life. For example, in Document 5 it shows a picture of, “An Egyptian carving showing the Pharaoh Seti making an offering to Osiris, the god of death, afterlife, and resurrection.” This shows that the Egyptians believed in multiple gods because Osiris was just seem as the god of death, afterlife, and resurrection. They believed in many different gods serving many different purposes and “...the Egyptians do not all worship the same gods, excepting Isis and and Osiris, the latter of whom they say is the Grecian Bacchus.” (Document 7) These multiple gods that were regarded as the ruler of various ...

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...ptian and Chinese religions were similar because they believed in many gods as opposed to one and believed in some form of an afterlife. However in contrast, Chinese religion believed in the readings of Oracle bones, while Egyptians instead gave sacrifices to their gods. Some of these documents should be approached with caution because the what the authors believed might not have been the same as what the general public believed, and these texts might have also been taken out of context. However, these documents confirm what many historians believe, and show the depth of both Egyptian and Chinese religions. The similarities may surprise most people, yet it is clear that the religions of these two places are more alike than they are different. History continues to show in new ways how the earth’s civilizations are so intricately wound together, despite it’s vast size.

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