Ancient Chinese Civilization, East Asia, and Spread of Buddhism Essay

Ancient Chinese Civilization, East Asia, and Spread of Buddhism Essay

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Today I will be discussing china’s classical age to 256 B.C.E, East Asia and the spread of Buddhism from 256 B.C.E. to 800 C.E., and continue East Asia ‘s history to 1400. China’s classical age consists of its emerging civilization, the early Zhou dynasty, the warring states period, Confucius and the several different schools of thought. From the period of 256 B.C.E and 800 C.E. China was expanded and Buddhism began to spread rapidly. It was also during this period that China shaped much of eastern Asian culture. During Eastern Asia’s period of 800 CA to 1400 CA was marked by the medieval Chinese economic revolution, Japans Heian period, Song dynasty and the Samurai and Kamakura Shogunate.
China emergence as a civilization is accomplished with little no contact with other empires due to its geographical isolation. This is evident by the lack of new people and languages. The term China during this period does not refer to the same geographical entity as commonly believed. China during this period is approximately one thousand miles north to South and East to West, occupying much of the temperate zone of East Asia. The land to the North is well suited for crops like Grain due to Loess: a fine wind-driven soil that is fertile and easy to toil with primitive tools. The region to the South is warmer, wetter and more suited to rice cultivation and double cropping. China is isolated from other civilizations by mountains, deserts and grasslands. The Bronze Age is marked by the Shang dynasty in their capitol of Anyang. Shang kings ruled for over two centuries. The royal tomb at Anyang was sixty feet deep and three hundred feet long. A tomb this size would have taken thousands of laborers and the advanced technology was evident as t...

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...ards and military governors who oversaw and enforce provincial law.
In this Treatise have discussed China's classical age and how they influenced all of east Asian culture for over two thousand years. And How Buddhism spread throughout east Asia and evolved into several different schools each embracing the host nations principle and beliefs. I have discussed Confucian teachings and texts have influenced Chinese and Eastern Asian culture and government for centuries. How China overcame invaders from all sides and managed to emerge as a world economic power. And finally how Japan developed its own culture and founded a new social class the Samurai. East Asian History is compelling, deep and complicated. A history that will sound differently each time as their history continues to grow and influence other non Asian cultures.

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