Ancient And Modern Significance Of The Middle East Essay

Ancient And Modern Significance Of The Middle East Essay

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The Middle East has come along way since the rise of civilization thousands of years ago. Civilization emerged in the Middle East and northeast Africa along the river systems as agricultural societies grew in population and developed new forms of social organization. For the last two thousands years the west has been drawn to the middle east fascinated by the culture, religion, resources and politics. The Middle East has an immense impact on the world globally. My goal in this paper is to explain the ancient and modern significance of the Middle East and how it impacts the world in such a globalizing way.
The first significance is the irrigations along the major rivers that needed cooperation amongst the farmers, large labor supplies and created political and economic organizations to manage the system. As civilization grew in the Middle East productivity did, new inventions lead to creating and managing surplus. Potters created faster and higher quality potteries for secure food storage and trade. The Middle East had a major transition from the stone tool age to the Bronze Age. As their tools improved their weapons and new creations helped civilization increase.
Another significance is the geographical location of the Middle East. Many people think of the Middle East as a desert. Agriculture has been important since the time of civilization, with farmers adapting to the environmental conditions in various locations through out the middle east. In Egypt the history of cotton is a good example of the regions growing significance in resources. During the American Civil War cotton became scares and Egypt’s cotton became important to England so it allowed emerging communication between the two cont...

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...nd the Asian continents, also having been surrounded by important seas like the Mediterranean and Read sea, it had given France the ability to control military and commercial traffic and threaten the British in India.
The Middle East’s oil has the most strategic importance to the globalization of the Middle East because it’s become its most famous resource pulling international countries to it. Globalization has much to do with social, economic and political adjustments that people embrace their culture and incorporate into the world. Globalization in large extents promotes integration of the world and calls for removal of all cultural barriers. It’s a process in transferring knowledge and education to the world. The Middle East was a growing region that learned through the impact of War, invasions, trade, their countries recourses and the people.

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