The Anatomy Of The Human Body Essay

The Anatomy Of The Human Body Essay

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What is obesity? To answer this question, one has to understand the anatomy of the human body. Each age has a body mass index that is acceptable by most health regulatory agencies as a healthy weight. There are a lot of other things to consider; including ones height, gender, and sometimes ethnicity. When a person falls below this weight bracket, they are considered underweight. In most case, this can be fixed with good nutrition and hygiene. When a person, however is above the weight bracket, it’s tedious to control. This is because they are overweight; and with that comes the risk of obesity. So the answer to the question is; when a person is over twice the the bracket of ones age group and height; obesity is inevitable.
"The statistics are grim: Roughly one in six U.S. children are obese, and, at last count, nearly one in three are overweight, putting them at increased risk of health problems ranging from diabetes to being bullied at school. (Harding, Anne)
Unfortunately most individuals are blamed for their obesity. But the truth is that most causes of obesity stem from the poor choices our parents and family make for their children. Until recent years, obesity has been placed in the same category as global warming, we tend to believe that it doesn’t affect us but the truth is that we are one of the top countries that are highly affected by it. When the Mitchell Obama embarked on the “Lets Move!” campaign it wasn’t just another idea or a propaganda that would mark her legacy as the first lady;"My pediatrician pointed out some changes in my kids body mass index that he just sort of checked us on (Mitchell Obama).These were the words of the first lady to Jim Lehrer about the origin for the idea of the campaign,“That...

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...vention of social media, middle and high school children have begun to grovel at their phones; unaware of what transpires around them. This is where adult intervention comes in. Celebrities and government officials host events. These events are geared to get participating children outside and have fun. Imagine all the fat cells a child can burn just by playing an hour a day and eating healthy foods. This is what the campaign is all about; getting adults to participate in children 's health and well being.There is an idiom that goes, 'children are the future leaders of tomorrow '; As an adult, we should try to make better choices in the food we eat, the activities we participate and the values we impact on children. Obesity is not an incurable disease. It starts with a choice. We should all be the change we wish to see in the America; an obese free nation under God.

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