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The cortex is a layer sometimes mentioned as the grey matter. The cortex covers about 1.5mm to 5mm of the outer most portions of both the cerebrum and cerebellum. The cerebral cortex comes from the section that covers the cerebrum. The cerebral cortex equates to about two thirds the mass of the brain it is cover with folded bulges called gyri that make deep valleys called sulci. This increases the surface area of the cortex and allows more and faster neuron processing. This part of the brain is split into two hemispheres and is consider the most complex and developed part of them brain being the most recently evolved section of the brain. The cerebral cortex is where the majority of the information processing occurs; the different lobes and cognitive functions control all of this processing. These lobes are the parietal lobe, frontal lobe, occipital lobe, and temporal lobes. The information that these lobes process in the brain allow us as humans to think, see, feel, speak, and much more one can say the cerebral cortex makes being human possible. However many
One of the most important lobes is the Parietal lobe this lobe controls cognition information processing pain and touch sensation, spatial orientation, speech, and visual perception. This lobe is located near the center of the brain behind the frontal lobe; it is located under the parietal bone and is split into left and right hemispheres. The primary sensory area is where the sensations from the skin such as touch, hot cold, and pain. The more sensory input an individual receives the more surface area of the cerebral cortex is used to analyze that input. Spatial information is the ability of the parietal lobe is lets us judge distance and shapes; without this we would not ...

... middle of paper ... in formation; it also commands oh most personal memories, and helps us remember a phone numbers it truly is the conductor of the lobes.
The cerebral cortex is a multi hemisphere, and the largest part of the brain. The cerebral cortex is responsible for cognitive, auditory, visual, memory, and motor function; being the most recent addition of the evolved brain its believe that the cerebral cortex makes us an intelligent race. It is thanks to the cerebral cortex that we have our most important and complex creations. Yet is also responsible for our ability to do the simplest task such as driving or walking; it gives us the ability to see what is in front of us to hear what is around us, and understand what we mean. Without it we would not be able to feel any emotion love, or anger. The cerebral cortex is truly one the most important organs that the human body has.

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