Anatomy Of Auschwitz Death Camp Essay

Anatomy Of Auschwitz Death Camp Essay

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Then with no more thought than she put into what to have for dinner she sentenced countless women to die in the gas chambers. The captives stood in the freezing cold or blistering heat, in mud and muck for hours at a time waiting to see who would be chosen to die at each selection. In Anatomy of Auschwitz Death Camp, Danuta Czech stated, “The highest number of such deaths was in February 1943, when 25.5 percent of all Auschwitz inmates died or were put to death.” Irma Grese and Dr. Josef Mengele many times made these selections together. Alice Kahana remembered, “When the two of them appeared, it was terror and fear. I was…always meant death.” Those who made it into the camp with family members lived in constant fear of their loved ones being ripped away and gassed. One Holocaust survivor named Isabella Rubinstein wrote and published an open letter to Irma Grese after her liberation. She wrote about having to wrap her feet in her “tallesim,” which is a Jewish prayer shawl. She stated, “The clogs tore at my feet, but the ragged ‘tallesim’ tore at my heart.” She also wrote, “Warder Grese’s coming. I shall never forget the terror that this struck in our hearts.” The emotional trauma the women of the camp endured at the hands of Irma Grese, provides examples of the amount of pain they went through at her discretion.
Irma Grese left the women of Birkenau completely drained from living in constant emotional turmoil. Each morning they woke to roll call and possible selection and death. This continual physical and emotional pain created a perpetual cloud of fear and terror that lingered over the camp. Surprisingly, Rudolf Hoess, commandant at Auschwitz, gave an insightful description of the guards working in his camp, though...

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...ry conditions, and the lack of adequate food, water, and shelter led to an outbreak of diseases such as typhus, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, and dysentery, causing an ever increasing number of deaths.” Irma Grese made no attempt to provide food or clean drinking water for the starving, dehydrated inmates. Had she made this attempt to ease suffering rather than cause it, disease could have been held at bay. Nor did she get medical care for the inmates consumed by these diseases. She did not cause the disease herself, but she helped to perpetuate an already dire situation. These diseases ran amuck in Auschwitz as well, but by this point in the war the Nazis knew defeat was inescapable and left the prisoners to wallow in their own filth and disease. Too weak to move from dehydration and starvation the internees could do little more than lie in their own excrement.

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