Anatomy Course Objectives Essay

Anatomy Course Objectives Essay

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General objectives:
After completing the course the student will be able to:
Explain each of the constituent parts of anatomical knowledge.
Use appropriate terminology to describe different parts of the morphology of the human body.
Based on anatomical knowledge, recognize the differences between normal and a vein.
Use knowledge to interpret above normal physiology and pathophysiology.
General contents:
Overview: nomenclature, mapping, tissue, devices and systems.
Overview of developmental anatomy.
Overview of major anatomical regions - surveyors.
All systems in particular.
Selected learning experience:
Audiovisual demos.
Practical work directed and supervised.
About the anatomy of development issues, the desired goals are:
The basic embryology (prenatal development)
Explain the steps of development to help understand the structures of the adult.
From postnatal development.
Analyze the growth rates of the various tissues in chronological order.
compare them.

General section:
I. Nomenclature and planimetry:
Anatomy and its divisions.
Anatomical position.
Plans: constraints and sharp, frontal, sagittal and transversal.
Axis: longitudinal and anteroposterior latero-lateral.
Terms of situation according to the planes and axes.
II. Overview of tissues, organs, apparatuses and systems:
Definitions and concepts.
III. Elements of anatomy of development:
Basics fecundation, migration, implementation. Embryo development until the period of gastrulation.
Ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm. Neural ectoderm. Origin of the different tissues of the adult. Tissue development.
IV. General organization of t...

... middle of paper ...

...hips. Irrigation.
11) Rectum and Anus:
Location and relationships. Irrigation.
12) Nerve:
ANS sympathetic and parasympathetic. Solar plexus. Distribution.
VI. Endocrine System:
1) Hypophysis and hypothalamus:
Location and relationships.
2) Thyroid
Location and irrigation.
3) Adrenal Glands
Location and irrigation.
VII. Urinary System:
1) kidney:
location. Structure: the nephron. Its parts.
2) urinary tract:
Ureter and renal pelvis: location and route.
Bladder: location and relationships.
VIII. genital tract:
1) Male reproductive system:
Testicle. Spermatic ducts. Prostate. Penis and scrotum.
2) Female reproductive system:
External genitalia. Vagina. Relationships. Uterus: parts and relationships. Structure. Ovary and fallopian tube. Location and relationships.
3) fetal placental anatomy:
Placenta. Fetal Membranes.

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