The Anatomy And Physiology Of The Human Muscular System Essay

The Anatomy And Physiology Of The Human Muscular System Essay

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The Complexity of Muscles
The human muscular system, like any other system in the human body, is very complex. All the moving parts (anatomy), and how they work together to perform specific actions (physiology). There is so much that can be done to help the muscles in your body perform strenuous activities before fatigue, before your muscles run out of the fuel required to continue to perform movements. The biggest question most young adults want to know is, how do you get bigger muscles? Or, why do I cramp during workouts? All these and more can be answers through the understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the human muscular system.
First let’s go over four very important factors of the human muscular system. First being the primary function of the muscular system is movement for the body. The nervous system communicates with the muscular system, resulting in movement. Second is the five major properties of the muscular system beginning with 1) our muscle being excitable or irritable. 2) Our muscles are contractible. 3) Our muscles are extensible. 4) Our muscles have elasticity. 5) Last, our muscle system is adaptable. Third, there are five types of muscle movements. 1) Adduction, movement towards the body. 2) Abduction, movement away from the body. 3) Flexion, “movement in the anterior-posterior plane that reduces the angle between the articulating elements.” (Martini, F 230). 4) Extension, “occurs in the same plane as flexion, but it increases the angle between articulating elements.” (Martini, F 230). 5) Last is rotation. Fourth, there are three main types of muscles, which consist of, 1) involuntary cardiac muscles. 2) Involuntary visceral/smooth muscles. 3) Last are the voluntary skeletal muscles.

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...ese elements can cause complications during muscle contraction and relaxation? The answer is yes. Lacking enough salt and potassium in your diet, may lead to cramping of muscles during strenuous activities.
Now for the factors that can happens to your muscles. Most people want to achieve hypertrophy. Hypertrophy is “an enlargement of the stimulated muscle.” (Martini, F 224) Another factor that can occur in your muscles is known as atrophy. “A skeletal muscle that is not regularly stimulated by a motor neuron loses muscle tone and mass.” (Martini, F 224) This leased to a decrease in muscle size and strength.
In conclusion, to maintain homeostasis in the human body, one must perform two of the hardest tasks asked from a person. Maintain a proper diet to maintain a healthy, functional muscular system, and conduct regular physical activities to achieve hypertrophy.

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