Essay on The Anatomy And Physiology Of The Body

Essay on The Anatomy And Physiology Of The Body

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The human body is an intricate construct of various systems working together to maintain life. The inner workings of the body are almost machine like in their consistency and automatic nature. The heart pumps blood, and lungs transport air into and out of the body which are mechanical processes. The movement of the various organs at work for such processes can be easily observed and recorded with today’s technological advancements. Scientific research has gathered substantial information to understand the various workings of the anatomy and physiology of the body.
However, the brain, the most influential and powerful organ, remains a mysterious entity in the organism. All the body’s functions are processed and delineated by the brain. The brain is the central control system for the body directing movement, functions and thoughts. The tasks of the brain are so varied that scientist have yet to uncover its full potential. They have been able to distinguish the various regions and the roles each section plays in system control, but have failed to uncover and delve deeper into the functions beyond the mechanical and physical. Through Sacks’ piece, The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, we begin to understand that we are more than a mechanical system working to maintain life, instead we are made up of the mechanical, personal and abstract (9).
From the sick we learn the importance of our mental processes. When a person is at a state in which the mental processes are impaired we can see the intrinsic differences in behavior when one or more of our mental faculties are compromised. As with Dr.P, his inability to express outward emotion and remain conscious of his surroundings lead to what Sacks describes as “no outward persona, and no...

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...esses based in confabulation means that “the self” is a character in life. The invented stories of the mind cannot be removed from the life of the human.
The mind body connection discussed by Descartes, looked at how the material body was affected by the mind. He concludes that the mind and body are two distinct entities that can exist without the other. His theory is the complete opposite of Sacks’ beliefs. Sacks’ finds a connection between the mechanical and abstract mind, for him one cannot exist without the other. He finds fault in the current scientific methods of ignoring the personal aspect of the brain. In his own words, Sacks expresses his concern for science “Dr.P may therefore serve as a warning and parable-of what happens to a science which eschews the judgmental, the particular, the personal, and becomes entirely abstract and computational.”(Sacks 10).

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