Analyzing Woolf´s View on Wealth and a Room of One´s Own is Necessary to Become a Good Writer

Analyzing Woolf´s View on Wealth and a Room of One´s Own is Necessary to Become a Good Writer

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Virginia Woolf's inspiring work tries to take on many problems in regard to women's work. She takes into consideration comparisons between women's and men's privilleges. Man's greatest advantages over woman would be their chances and opportunities to succeed and the chance to express themselves. Woolf believes , that wealth and a room of one's own is necessary in order to attain intellectual freedom is incorrect and misleading as it does not take into consideration education, having a good self esteem, access to all resources, not having domestic hindrances. These all inclusive of having wealth is essential for a writer to flourish.
The access to all opportunities especially literature is essential to attain intellectual freedom as writers need to have some base from which they could understand the idea of literature. The narrator is in Oxbridge when she remembers an essay by Charles Lamb about seeing Oxbridge. It encourages her to view the text in the library. However, upon reaching the library, she is stopped only to be told that women are not allowed in to library without a fellow from the opposite gender or a letter of introduction. This was unfavorable for women as they had no access to literature. As the acsess to literature is essential in order for women to attain intellectual freedom. Even if according to Woolf a women has a room of her own and 500 pounds but if she does not have acsess to literature it is of no use. Literature is a multi-faceted phenomenon. It consists of various functions and genres: educational textbooks, analytical scientific publications, critical debate books, entertaining novels, aesthetic poetry, and many others.Literature stimulates the mind and hence women needed to access to literature to sti...

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... burden which disrupts her writing abilites. Hence not having domestic responsibilities is essential for a women to become an accomplished writer.
Woolf's main point, that wealth and a room of one's own is necessary in order to becoming a good writer is misleading as it does not take into consideration education, having a good self esteem, access to all resources, not having domestic hindrances. Writing is like a horse,whom you can lead it to the river but you cant make it drink the water. Wealth can only bring you to the river, education, having a good self esteem, access to all resources, not having domestic hindrances is what can make use of the wealth and drink the water. Hence education, having a good self esteem, access to all resources, not having domestic hindrances inclusive of having wealth is essential for a writer especially a female writer to flourish.

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