Analyzing Using Explanations The Value Of Using Charts? Essay

Analyzing Using Explanations The Value Of Using Charts? Essay

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Q. 1 Describe using explanations the value of using charts?
Ans: Charts are the tools in which a large set of data is summarized in a single picture and its rightly said that, “ A good picture is worth a thousand numbers”.
Charts are the most efficient and simplest way to provide the scattered data. It helps to prepare a single report by using different source. The Charts are used by all from small scale industry to the large ones like education institution, sports, government, business, etc , it’s the most useful and business friendly tool. It is a best way to provide information to top management and also to the consumers. Large Business Company also use charts presentation in order to attract customers by showing their worldwide sales in one glance.
The other place where charts are mostly and commonly used is News Channel and newspaper. Showing comparison and recent activities going around the world becomes much easier by using different kind of charts.
The definition given by Mr. William Pollard that, “Information is a source of learning. But unless it is organized, processed and available to the right people in a format for decision making, it is a burden, not a benefit” shows the value of charts and proves that it is one of the most important tool.
Q.2 Observe the following charts and explain a bit about the chart and indicate what type of data is best presented by these charts?
a) Column Chart:
1. Column Chart compares data across various categories in a vertical format and it displays single items at constant intervals.
2. Values in column charts are indicated by the height of the columns.
3. Column charts are widely used where the values change over the period of time for example yearly, weekly etc.
b) Line ...

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...lationship of parts to a whole and it can contain more than one data series.
2. Values are indicated by the size of doughnut segments.
3. Doughnut chart are mainly used when you have more than one data series to plot and it can be also used where none of the data you what to represent is zero or negative.

Q.4 What is the advantage of using exploded Pie charts when dealing with large data?
Ans: Exploding pie chart can enhance the presentation of the data. It helps us to gain additional information of each slice of pie chart when they are all cluttered together in a single pie chart.
Exploding of pie chart is also done if you wish to highlight information of one of the category. It helps us to easily interpret the required data in a single glance. While dealing with large data, it helps us to draw attention to small slices in a pie of pie or bar of pie chart.

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