Analyzing The Results Of Pre And Post Assessment Essay

Analyzing The Results Of Pre And Post Assessment Essay

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After analyzing the results of pre and post-assessment, I would say that Learning Goal 1 was the most successful in terms of overall students learning. In addition, the students met Learning Goals 2 and 3 very well too. For learning goal 1, the class average was 92%. I feel as though there are numerous reasons for the students ' success in meeting learning goal 1. Learning goal 1 stated that students will be able to define colonial society based on race and social status and compare and contrast the rigid class in Latin America.
I think that one of the reasons for the success of this goal was the different kinds of instruction that I used but also their background. Most ESOL students were from Latin America and they wanted to learn more about Latin history. We discussed a lot as we took notes I also included Latin America maps and different images. I would ask the students various questions to make connections with what they were learning and recall their previous knowledge about Latin society.
Another reason that learning goal 1 is more successful is that it is a lower-level goal of Bloom 's taxonomy compared to that of Learning Goal 4. To accomplishment this goal, the students would need to work at the "understanding" and "analysis" level of Bloom 's taxonomy. In other hand to reach LG 4 students, need to reach the "evaluation" level.

Least Successful Learning Goal
The goal the students achieved with the least success is Learning Goal 4, which is the goal where the students will analyze the influences of nationalism in the nineteenth century and make connections with today 's events and how nationalism led to the unification of Italy and Germany. One of the reasons this learning goal was least successful was because it was...

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... students ' attention. I have come a very long way during my internship in finding my voice; however, I need more practice with it. When I observed my cooperating teacher instruct the class, I am impressed with her ability to keep students interested in her topic and keep their attention. I would like to feel that self-confidence I see in my cooperating teacher. Just like my students, I learn best by actual practice and repetition.
Another learning goal I have is to improve on my transitions between activities and lessons. During my internship, I would transition between activities without making connections or explaining why this was important and how it related to content. I learned that giving specific instruction (rather than assuming that students know) about how students are change from one activity to the next, it improves the classroom behavior management.

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