Essay on Analyzing the Relationship Between Brands and Consumers

Essay on Analyzing the Relationship Between Brands and Consumers

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How do contemporary promotional cultures construct a relationship with consumers through brands and how active are consumers in this relationship? Illustrate your answer with examples.

This paper provides a framework for the relationship formed between brands and consumers; It will attempt to discover what this relationship looks like from an annalist point of view, additionally it will be touching upon brand management, this will be applied in relation to appropriate examples such as the US clothing brand, Abricombie & Fitch (A&F). Moreover, It will be analyzing the concept of “active consumers”, whilst attempting to understand how active are consumers in this relationship.

“Brands are product names that have meaning attached to them through naming, packaging, advertising and marketing.”(Marita Sturken, 2004) Branding originates in the late nineteenth century, companies had realized the advantage of associating and marketing their product with “meanings that distinguished the qualities of a company and its products from other similar products”. Although the “origins of branding in the rise of consumer society can show us how products were turned into brands, the extent of branding culture and the complexity of consumers' relationship to brands today have changed dramatically since that time” (Sturken. M).

The relationships between consumers and brands has been investigated thoroughly in the past by various different researchers, many of which suggest that this relationship is of equal and mutual input, suggesting that the consumer acquires a large input in order to create a lasting relationship. Giep Franzen describes the relationship between the customer and the brand as being a mutual relationship [..] comprising an interac...

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