Analyzing The Human Geography Test Essay

Analyzing The Human Geography Test Essay

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Another one walks in with the same look on her face that they all have when they come into the office. The loss of a loved one, the death of a friend, it does not matter. They all leave the people left alive looking the same hollow, empty, lacking as if something is missing from their very essence of who they are. It makes my heart ache being able to notice the signs of their suicidal thoughts so clearly now when I failed to notice them before. I lost one and I will never let that happen again, and will atone for it by saving hundreds.

We walked down the halls of the school talking about nothing of much importance the latest gossip, and what we made on the AP Human Geography test, simple things that we would soon forget. Withdrawn from real life in the isolated environment of the school where the only things most boys of my age think of is what chick they want to get with next. The devastation that a “wakeup call to reality” can have in this setting has tremendous impact on one’s psyche.

His eyes empty with no joy to be found behind his brown iris I know the...

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