Essay on Analyzing The Du Production Show

Essay on Analyzing The Du Production Show

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Analyzing the DU Production Show

After I watched three DU production shows, the most impressive show to me was called I’m Not Stupid. This is a very powerful and impulsive show. The unique context with twisted psychological way of thinking created huge amount of emotion throughout the show. This is a tragedy, From the death of Roger, the show reveals the ugly or dark soul of human being. It showed the cruelest moral problem, which is betrayal from the most trustworthy person. This whole show is really sad. For a show, it should bring us all different kind of feeling, and experience that shocks, and the most important reason to create such experience is the persons who are acting.

The team separated the whole show into three parts, first part happened at Doctor Green’s office, and the second and third part happened at Ma’s house. The show started with a single light in the middle of the stage, and Roger who is a kid with mental issue, was standing under the light. This was of starting show can cultivate the feeling of loneliness and sadness. From the beginning of the show, the show already starts to create sympathy to the audiences. But the story mainly happened between Doctor Green and Ma, they use Roger as a base to create the confliction between the main characters. I think this is a very good way of starting the story, because the different reactions towards Roger from two persons can easily create the massive conflict. The first part is mainly for expressing the basic idea to the audience about the story and background. The real emotional part was happening at the second part in Ma’s home, they used large amount of time to argue and shout out loud, this is the a very direct way of creating tense in the room. This part is m...

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...rience all those feelings and emotions, and those reactions on audience are the prove that the show has become our great memory.

This show strongly showed the extreme dark size of human being. Through the costume design, lighting setting, and way of acting, we can see all kind of conflicting between the good and evil. As I mentioned before, acting is the most important factor to make the show great, but all other tools can help acting to achieve the best. For creating a theater show, we need to focus on audience’s experience. We really need to concentrate on all those details which can bring audience the different feelings. From this successful show, we learned that we don’t need to make the appearance super fancy, instead we should really focus on the emotion expression from the actors and actress. Because the tensions are mainly cultivated by actors and actress.

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